Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Mythical Creatures

This stamp set is a lot better looking than my photo suggests, and I shall try to do something about that. Strangely though, I've tried to get some of this edition to use for mailing, and I can't. It would seem that I'll have to buy another set and break it up, which seems a shame and a waste.

Above, is a detail from the card the stamps are mounted on. Fantastic isn't it.

The illustration and stamps are the work of fantasy artist Dave McKean.


  1. Purchase a set of the postcards instead. I bought three sets.

  2. Hi Julie, following on from your comment (which I've only just seen this evening!!!!), I have visited the Royal Mail website, and ordered up a set of the cards...and a sheet of the 1st Class Dragon stamps, for use here in the UK. Cheers for providing the impetus.