Monday, 10 August 2009

How we used to do it...Autograph album...4th March 1941

While collecting vintage fountain pens, and using them to write with, I invariably wonder who was the first person to write with them...and what did they write. Letters, journals, schoolwork, or something like this.
This is an autograph album, which was presented to a Jean Shirley Richardson, with love from her daddy, in 1941. The page on the left would appear to be signatures of her classmates, and the page on the right an entry by Enid Reid on the 4th of March 1941. It reads;
"Your album is your garden plot,
Where all your friends may sow,
Where thorns and thistles flourish not,
And nought but flowers grow.
I too within your garden plot,
Would plant one seed.
Forget - me - not."
What an absolutely charming way to have recorded all your friends along the way, and it makes me wonder why we don't seem to do this anymore.

Best viewed as a larger image.

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